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Thomas Talavera,

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See: the towering office buildings & living complexes. Rows & rows of them. Like monstrous creature teeth without a mouth. 

Build them up. Wear them down. In time. 

It’s the city. 

Landscapes spreading like a virus sprawling from foothills into the earth, oceans & streets. Hold them all together with hope, with money, with need...with a palette of ice & swathes of in-between...


Build them up. Push them out. The city. La Otra Ciudad. The weight is intractable. The weight of the sky. The weight of this world’s own architecture & landscape. The weight of our lives. This is the atmosphere around us.




The dreams we might have. The real ones. The lost ones.




Hope on a string. With hearts on a spike. Hearts cut out. Spiked with Covid & confinement. Pierced with greed, hypocracy, subjection, on & on, like sheep in the field, deer in blinding headlights...HELP!




Living on this planet. On the edge. On the edge in a precarious condition. On the edge of an ocean, deep. Turbulent on the mind. Frozen into a ledge with endings holding on... & beginnings.

They/we/us are on that edge too. With could be’s, maybe’s, what if’s... So many stories to be told. SPEAK UP!


See: The future.

See: Home Sweet Home:The Next Lost Civilization.

Hold the hearts of our cities high. Into a sky that’s infinite. Keep the hearts there like pixels, in shades of grey, in vistas of rainbow. Keep the hearts together with vital color, lost to the wonder of what once was- a thriving, joyous place to be.

Look at the pictures we create in our mirrors, in the news as it’s breaking, breaking. It’s what we see popping-up every day in our realities... 

It’s what we don’t see. Can’t see. Don’t want to see. In the cities of our minds. On the cusp of revolution.


Make a fist with that concrete & steel used to build these cities. There may be life in these cities where so too many of us live? On a planet. With ground below. Under a sky, maybe with clouds, maybe blue, maybe with breathable air that we need. On the surface of this spinning ball held together with colorful space & material… & mystery, I like to believe... Yes

There is a strangely beautiful serenity to be felt in the craziness of living today. In these times. In these pictures. We know this together- a new surviving species, doing our best to understand. Without a dictator. With Nature all around us inside our bodies. In spite of everything & anything we will do.  


Improve Earthwith a Pacto PrintUnique prints, unlocked when youmake a pact to improve the world.

Pacto is a way to empower
people to improve the
world in their own terms,
one pact at a time!
Each illustration is meticulously handcrafted with
linoleum and then digitised so it can be sent
anywhere in the world.
Thomas Talavera, creator of Pacto.

I believe that environmental
guilt obstructs; whilst pride
drives sustainable progress.
Pacto is more than prints, it is a collective artwork
shaped by personal pacts to improve our planet.

“I pact to give a wildlife poster to a
kid for every Pacto sold.”

Wildlife posters in rural areas enhance environmental
awareness, sparking children’s interest in nature
Thomas from Mexico City, creator of Pacto

Eyes that see it all.
I explore the fusion of animal and human, focusing on the human eye because it is importance for human interaction and recognisable characteristics. It also symbolises an eye that watches and ensures the
fulfilment of pacts.

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1. Pick a Print
2. Create a Pact
3. Challenge a Friend
Prints are produced locally in over 15 countries and are delivered framed,
ready to hang, minimizing environmental impact and shipping expenses.

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